• Deira Dubai, UAE
  • berd_ae@berdoudillc.ae
  • +971 4 2281177


At Al Berdoudi General Trading LLC, we are leaders that never stop looking for new possibilities as we pave the future with passion and a clear set of goals. This proactive leadership, which raises the company’s value and capabilities, allows our dream of becoming a leading global tire company to become reality.

Chairman of the Company

Mr. Ahmed

Purchase Department

Mr. Wissam Yousuf Abu Hajjaj   Purchase Manager   wissam.pm@berdoudillc.ae  +971 55 5684646

Mr. Muhammed Ansar
   Assistant Purchase Manager

Finance Department

Mr. Muhammad Naveed Aslam   Accounts Manager   accounts@berdoudillc.ae

Sales Deaprtment

Mr. Muhammad Sirajul Islam   Sales Representative   berd_ae@berdoudillc.ae

Mr. Shareef Hussain   Sales Representative   berd_ae@berdoudillc.ae

Mr. Ahmed Adel Mohammed   Sales Representative    berd_ae@berdoudillc.ae

Mr. Sangeet Rahim Chandran Kandi   Sales Representative   berd_ae@berdoudillc.ae

HR Department

Ms. Queena Delos Reyes    HR   berd_hr@yahoo.com

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